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  • | Largest ever MENA disposal Free 9 December, 2010

    Sunil Bharti Mittal, the billionaire chairman of Indian telco Bharti Airtel, was pretty keen to get his hands on the African operations of Kuwait-based Zain after two previous failed attempts to buy South Africaís MTN. Flying into Kuwait in February this year, Mittal meant business. This time, he wasnít going to leave without sealing the deal. He was personally taking charge of negotiations.


    Up Front Waiting for the dust to settle

    Many are praying that the euro crisis does not deteriorate even further, and among the most devout supplicants are M&A bankers. The dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over the eurozone is hardly an enticement to deal-making. Valuations depend on heroic assumptions about future growth and interest rates. Financing deals, especially if they involve more than modest leverage, is more difficult. Above all, every time investors take fright at a particular market a political crisis also erupts, as in†more

    Sun, 26 October, 2014

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