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Been singled out for praise in Acquisitions Monthly?


If Acquisitions Monthly has singled your company out for praise, why not shout about it?

Favourable coverage in Acquisitions Monthly will certainly gain recognition from your peers, but shouldn’t it be your clients you are really impressing? A reprint from Acquisitions Monthly will provide them with independent and authoritative confirmation that you are the best in your field.

We’ll reprint your Acquisitions Monthly article for distribution to your clients – as many or as few as you like. What’s more we can help you tailor the design to suit your promotional needs by inserting your logo, advert and contact details. And, if you have more than one article you would like to include, we can also produce personalised booklets – the perfect marketing message for your brand.

Ideal for circulating amongst your clients, displaying in your offices or including with your marketing campaigns, Acquisitions Monthly reprints provide an unique opportunity to tell the world about your success.

Are you an Acquisitions Monthly Award Winner?

The Acquisitions Monthly Awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious in the industry, and to win an award is the ultimate symbol of excellence in your field. If you have been honoured this year then consider the following options to really make the most of your achievement:

Certificate Reprints

An award is always the result of a team effort. Why not recognise and reward each individual’s contribution by ordering extra copies of the certificate you picked up on the night?

Replica Trophies

If your award is the result of a joint effort between offices or departments, then a single trophy may not be sufficient. Exact replicas of the trophy you picked up can also be ordered to ensure that all parties involved are duly recognised.

Article Reprints

As an Acquisitions Monthly Award winner, your company will have received a write-up in the magazine. Such tributes carry a lot of weight in the marketplace and make impactful additions to any corporate marketing collateral. Reprints are available either in hardcopy or PDF format.

For further details and prices on any of the above, please contact:

Europe - Paul Holliday
Asia - Jing Ybanez

Fri, 31 October, 2014

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